West Lane Place Civic Association Security Programs

WLPCA-Security Plan & Check List click here to view

The following security programs are promoted by the WEST LANE PLACE CIVIC ASSOCIATION (WLPCA) and are operational in all of WEST LANE PLACE (WLP).

  • CRIME ALERT SYSTEM. This is a very active WLPCA program that provides internet-based security advisories. To report suspected criminal activity – after calling 911 – one may inform their neighbors by email to  [email protected]. Use the EMAIL SIGN-UP form below to sign-up to receive email alerts.

  • WLPCA NEIGHBORHOOD CRIME WATCH. This is a WLPCA program that encourages all WLP residents to be involved in neighborhood security. Various WLPCA members patrol and may have Crime Watch signs on their vehicle. This is managed by Security Committee Chair Mohammad Bayegan, whose email is [email protected].

  • HOUSTON POLICE DEPARTMENT CITIZEN PATROL for WEST LANE PLACE. This is an HPD program that is open only to individuals, not associations. Mike Weingart manages this program and provides reports to HPD Officer Wayne Pate. Mike may be contacted at [email protected].  Volunteers must at least 18 years of age, have a valid Texas Driver License, pass an HPD background check, become trained by HPD, agree to patrol, and complete HPD reports. WLPCA has facilitated and encourages individual residents of West Lane Place to participate in this program. Twenty volunteers (all of whom are WLPCA members) have been trained and approved by HPD, and some participate in both the CRIME WATCH and CITIZEN PATROL programs. After satisfactory completion of 6 months of patrols, HPD will provide vehicle identification and street signs.


WLPCA is an all-volunteer, member-funded civic association. Member support allows us to provide important and timely communication to West Lane Place residents and to act on behalf of our community when dealing with city ordinance, maintenance and other issues.

Please help us to continue these efforts by becoming a member or renewing your current membership. Annual membership dues are just $25 or $15 for members 65 or older, payable in January. 

West Lane Place Civic Association